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Guo-qing Zheng

Guo-qing Zheng

Professor, Department of Physics, Okayama University

Field of Specialty:
Experiment of low temperature condensed matter physics
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E-mail : zheng[at]


We have investigated the topological superconducting state in systems with broken spatial inversion symmetry as well as doped topological insulators.

In addition to doped topological insulators (Cu,Sr,Nb)xBi2Se3 (Fig.1), we will explore various topological quantum phenomena in compounds containing 3d, 4d and 5d transition metal elements and with strong electron correlations, by combining nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and materials synthesis techniques. In particular, we will explore the topological superconducting states in the Cr-based compound R2Cr3As3 (Tc=4.8K) and Pt-based locally non-centrosymmetric SrPtAs. In the former, we have found strong ferromagnetic fluctuations and a superconducting gap with point-nodes, which suggests that this material may be a solid analogue of superfluid 3He. On the other hand, SrPtAs shares many similarities with doped graphene in the electronic band structure and the hexagonal crystal structure. In fact, a d+id superconducting state has been proposed theoretically. We will study these compounds in detail by NMR in single crystals.

Fig.1:NMR result showing a broken spin-rotation symmetry in the superconducting state of CuxBi2Se3(DOI: 10.1038/NPHYS3781)

図2Fig. 2: Crystal structure of Rb2Cr3As3


Ph.D in Material Physics (Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science)


Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Osaka University
Professor of Physics, Okayama University


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