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Domestic exchange program for young researchers

For international exchange of young researchers please see J-REP (Junior Researcher Exchange Program).

【What is Domestic exchange program for young researchers?】

In this program, graduate students and young researchers belonging to the TMS project stay in laboratories of other organizations. And experience their everyday life in the field, thereby expanding their view, It is a system aimed at stimulating researchers of the same generation in the host laboratory. 

From Oct. 5th, 2017, we encourage graduate students and young researchers in this area to stay the laboratory outside the area, as well as those outside the area to stay the laboratory in the area.

By directly interacting among young researchers, inspiration of research integration in different fields both inside and outside this project is expected, and effects are expected to foster an interdisciplinary viewpoint of pursuing Topological Materials Science among laboratories belonging to the domain.

【How to apply】

Duration The period of stay should be more than five days, less than two weeks. Longer stay may be admitted if needed.
Eligibility Graduate students (pursuing master or doctoral degree), Post doctoral researchers, specially-appointed researchers, assistant professors are eligible.

At least either the applicant’s PI or the host researcher needs to be a member of the TMS project (a project leader, a core member, or a solicitation project leader).
Range of Support This program bears the travel expenses of young researcher as visitor. Transportation expenses, daily allowance, accommodation expenses (breakfast and dinner costs are inclusive) as a fixed-amount payment, would be reimbursed based on Kyoto University Travel Expenses Guideline.
Travel and lodging expenses will be reimbursed after the stay.
Travel expense:
To be reimbursed based on the rules of Kyoto University.
(Receipts are not required)

In the event that the young researchers lodge at the facilities, such as campus accommodations, accommodation expenses might be reduced accordingly in consideration of actual expenses.
Please submit the receipts to the host researcher. Host researchers are required to submit these documents to the administrative committee upon request.
Important remark During your stay, take a photograph including you and your host. It will appear in news letter.

【Required documents for application】

1. Application Form
includes Report Form. Please also submit “Detailed Report” to be published in the News Letter. An example is shown below.
2.Short CV・List of Publication
(Free format)
If the JREP・REP Researcher is not a leader or a member of the core research programs, attach a short CV and a list of main publication
(Free format, approximately a total of two to three A4 pages in total.)
3.Letter from host researcher
(Specified Format)

Participant must submit an activity report within one month after the stay ends.

Applications and Inquiries
Administrative Committee (PIC: M. Ueda / T. Sato)

Participants are responsible for buying an accident and liability insurance which is valid during the stay. Each participant is required to send a copy of a certificate or receipt to Project Office.

If a participant needs an arrangement for insurance by the secretariat, please contact the Topological Quantum Project Office by two weeks before the program starts at Project Office.


Detailed Report *Please submit this “Detailed Report” along with the “Report Form” within one month after you finish your stay. The “Detailed Report” will be published in the News Letter. An example can be downloaded from follow.